GrowingThings:General disclaimer

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I disclaim being offended. As a wise man once said, "He who takes offense when offense was not intended is a fool, yet he who takes offense when offense is intended is an even greater fool for he has succumbed to the will of his adversary."

I disclaim raisins. Seriously, what did that luscious, juicy grape ever do to you that you had to twist it into such a tortured existence? Raisins are offensive.

I disclaim profanity. I've never seen the need for it. Either you can express yourself forcefully, with meaning and impact, or you can spew out meaningless words that are meant to offend. I really don't get it. Even raisins are not worth proving your feeble grasp of verbal expression in such a way.

I disclaim evil in the name of good. Bad things cannot be justified just because you deem your target worthy of them. Even if they're so offended by your sensible distaste for raisins that they swear at you.